Solutions instead of products only

The innovative and maintenance-free quality products of HA-CO have their use in a broad range and in a wide variety of applications.

Succesful implementation in divers applications: If there is not the perfect solution with our standard products, we find a special solution. You provide the inputs... We will deliver your products. Contact us!

The machine elements of HA-CO prove themselves daily in many areas worldwide:

Sheet metal processing / metal construction

FASTENING TECHNOLOGY - Requirements in the sheet metal working include: insert nut, bolls, bushes or the connection of two various, thin materials. Beside the conventional Fixing methods like press-in operation, rivet, screw and bond there are also self-adhesive fastening elements that give a permanent connection.

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY - Our linear guides and telescopic rails enable jerk-free movement for diverse equipments, machines, etc. We can provide standardized or corrosion resistant rails or rail solutions as required. Used successfuly in diverse applications:

  • Output devices for food and beverages
  • Cash machines
  • Equipment for handling with: 
  • ash drawers
  • Ticket machines
  • Slot machines

Industry: Engineering, hydraulic system, etc.

Our machine elements are used in the engineering industry, because they meet high requirement criterica and standards. Many manufacturers recommend our technical quality products for years.

We guarantee ecological and economical efficiency, precision and reliability in diverse applications: machine tools, printing machines, packing machines, construction machinery etc.

Hydraulic System: For all forms of openings in machine elements or single components, that should be closed permanently, are used sealing plugs. This is valid for applications with pressure ranges up to 480 bar from our product range.

Plastics industry

The plastics industry includes a wide variety of manufacturing processes as well as plastics machine construction. Joining elements are important for all areas - be it injection molding, casting, rotational molding or CFRP and GFRP processing. In the manufacturing processes, fasteners are either incorporated in the process or afterwards. This results in the choice of fastening parts. A distinction is made between brass inserts, which are used during the molding process, self-tapping thread inserts, which are screwed in after the process, or thread inserts, which are cold or hot pressed in or embedded with ultrasound. Our fasteners for composite materials are characterized by their enlarged flange - comparable, however, to industry standard products such as Bighead. The head surface can be well laminated or glued in. To save adhesive, our composite fasteners are available not only with perforated head, but also with solid flange. Our product range for plastic processing is rounded off with screws. The plastic screws have a special thread geometry and enable components to be subsequently fastened to plastics. We have decades of knowledge and experience in connection technology > Contact us!

Electronic engineering, electrocal engineering, servo drive technology, etc.

CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY: In the field of electronic components as well as printed circuit boards, the user has to decide between connecting elements and adhesive for the housing assemblies. Theselection of adhesive types or fasteners such as threded bolts or screws depends on the force to be absorbed.

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY: Our telescopic rails for electronic housings enables easy access to keyboards, storage racks, pull-out shelves, subsystems etc. Wether  flat profiles or narrow cross sections, tese rails are suitable for divers housings.

COUPLING TECHNOLOGY: Our servo couplings and systems for drive technology have to fulfil various technical requirements. Backlash-free couplings from HA-CO are successfuly used in:

  • Linear units
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Handling, etc.

Aerospace industry

In aerospace weight is often decisive for the selection criterion of machine componenets. At this point HA-CO wins with the production of couplings and machine elements of aluminium, platinum or synthetic material (Peek). We are looking forward for your request!

Medical technology

In medical technology the used technology has to ensure high performance and has to guarantee positive experience for users and also for medical experts. Here the mechanical components can make the difference - we are your system partner.

As a reliable partner HA-CO therefore offers coupling solutions in perfection for medicinal robotics, laboratory technology, medical facilities, diagnostic devices etc.

Renewable energy

Alternative energy sources are playing an increasingly important role in energy supply. HA-CO's specific products and solutions ensure a fast connection and make the difference: hydropower, photovoltaics, wind power, solar technology, etc.

Automotive industry, railway technology, automotive engineering

In automotive industry, automotive engineerings and railway industry effiency and safety during transport are absolutely a priortity. Every component of the (rail-)vehicle must be designed so that maximum reliability is guaranteed. Thereby various factors have to be included such as harsh environment, corrosive media, continuous vibration and daily wear. Therefore we offer miscellaneous technical solutions in the area of linear technology as well as connection technology.

Well-known manufacturers of transport vehicles count on our systems, that guarantee optimum safety.

According to specific customer criteria we also deliver products for divers rescue vehicles.

We aree looking forward to your request!


Our long-standing system supplier Accuride is development partner and Tier-2-supplier for guidance systems in automobile interior. Our proven rail systems, that are base on a ball bearing guidance technology, are now found in millions of cars.

This special guidance technology is based on detailed knowledge of the operating principle of ball bearing mounted rails. With this knowledge we developed innovative guidance systems for the automotive sector. These deliver various advantages, for example:

  • Comfort for drivers and vehicle occupants
  • Optimum use of space
  • Efficient storage system


We work closely with automobile manufacturers and suppliers of interior space accessory as well as with design- and technology specialists to create unique equipment features, that fulfil high quality expectations of manufacturers and drivers.

Please request us!


Our rails are available for standard loads and cover a scope of very high to low and compact versions. Also available in various extracts: Partial extension - full extension - over extension. This rails can be used vertical and horizontal and are very robust. Thus often used for tool costs, laboratory furniture, storage cupboards, IT-housings, storage cabinets, automation, boxes, shelves, etc.

Telescopic systems and guides are used in many applications of automated storage systems:

  • Telescopic rails and linear guides for insertion and removal
  • Telescopic rails and linear guides for automated storages
  • Telescopic rails and linear guides sfor printing and labelling
  • Telescopic rails and linear guides for palletizing
  • Telescopic rails and linear guides for packaging technology
  • Telescopic rails and linear guides etc.

Timber industry (Construction, living)

Our quality products find their proven appliation in a wide variety of applications and segments. Here are a few examples:

  • High-quality drawer runners and guides for general woodworking
  • Couplings and machine ellements in machines of wood processing
  • Telescopic rails in various furniture
  • etc.


Architecture: We offer a comprehensive selection of fittings based on ball bearing mounted drawer runners. Commonest they find their use in sliding doors, panels, divers drawers and extracts, et.