Accessories Telescopic Rails

Various accessories for easier installation, locking devices, ...

Stainless steel bracket HAS63310

Stainless steel bracket for 5321, 3031, 2028, 2728 series rails

Options for floor / platform mounting

Easy mounting option

Individual damper system EC25-0020


Silent move (low noise)

simple, universal and reliable


Suitable for various applications

Broad and narrow cable management arms

2 fixing holes used on each end of bracket is recommended

Locking handle kit HABHAND/HABHANL

Locking lever with pushbutton lock

Suitable for drawres up to 1.5 m wide

Centrally located push-button lock mechanism

Clip-on bracket 633xx

Clip-on bracket for rails of the 2109, 2132, 3732 and 3832 series

Options for floor / platform mounting

Quick mounting option

Fastening bracket 634xx

Fastening bracket set for 9301-E, 9308-E, 7957

Mounting options: 4 below and 2 on the side

Lateral neutral angles

Mounting bracket 635xx

Platform bracket set for 5321 and 5321EC

Mounting options: 4 below and 3 on the side

Fasteners included