Fasteners for lightweight materials

Fasteners for composites and plastics

Due to their geometry and design, the lightweight fasteners have enormously high external forces and can therefore withstand your demands. The assembly is very simple, uncomplicated and fast. Ideal where an invisible assembly is desired and the base material should not be destroyed. Elements for composite materials can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. There is also the possibility for special production in smaller quantities.

The basic principle of lightweight fasteners is simple and straightforward. Different types such as bolts, nuts, but also nails or closed bushings are welded onto a base plate with holes. This system results in a large number of possibilities and variations. Thus there is always a suitable solution for your application.

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Lightweight fasteners
  • Threaded support with large flange
  • Ideal for laminating and inserting
  • Nice visible side
Lightweight fasteners, special parts
  • Special solutions with large flange
  • Available on request

  • Precisely tailored to the application