Telescopic slide full extension 3557 with interlock

Full extension HAS3557

A model made of high-quality stainless steel, ideal for medium loads

Locking in extended state

Installation dimensions 12.7 x 51.6mm

Max. stroke: 686 mm; Max. load per pair: 900 N

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Drawer pull-out

Accuride's DZ3557 stainless steel telescopic slide is ideal for industrial storage and IT enclosures. A latch that engages when the slides are extended prevents accidental closing and reduces the risk of injury. The lock can be released by means of a laterally mounted lever.


  • High grade stainless steel
  • Load rating up to 90 kg per pair
  • Full extension
  • 12.7 slide thickness
  • Lock-out
  • Pinch free, spring disconnect makes drawer removal and reinsertion easy


  • Fixing recommendation: M4 screw
  • Max. head ht. 2.5 mm/ Ø9.6 mm
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Article Nr Designation Material Rail length [mm] Extension [mm] Load / pair [kg] Availability Price Unit of measure Files Add to cart Add to wishlist
105993 HAS3557-0012Stainless steel30533056Available Soon EUR 41,20 pcs
105994 HAS3557-0014Stainless steel35638168Available Soon EUR 42,70 pcs
105995 HAS3557-0016Stainless steel40643280Available Soon EUR 44,20 pcs
105996 HAS3557-0018Stainless steel45748385Available Soon EUR 45,80 pcs
105997 HAS3557-0020Stainless steel50853390Available Soon EUR 48,70 pcs
105998 HAS3557-0022Stainless steel55958490Available Soon EUR 50,10 pcs
105999 HAS3557-0024Stainless steel61063590Available Soon EUR 53,00 pcs
105796 HAS3557-0026Stainless steel66068687Available Soon EUR 54,60 pcs
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