Line shafts (distance couplings)

Several types of couplings with different materials for bridging centre distances of up to six metres in length have been combined under the group connecting shafts. The common design feature of all types is a length-variable intermediate tube that can be optimally and individually adapted to the customer-specific application. In many cases, they can be used as backlash-free spacer couplings or connecting, cardan or synchronous shafts and replace conventional intermediate shaft designs with complex, additional intermediate bearings. Misalignments, especially parallel misalignments, can be compensated to a considerable extent.

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Performance characteristics HA-CO connecting shafts (partly also called cardan shafts/shaft joints) :

  • up to diameter 80mm and nominal torque 50Nm or more
  • high torsionally stiff, backlash-free and exact torque transmission
  • very easy to install, stainless, wear and maintenance-free
  • Various options and (special) designs available on request
HA-CO Synchronwelle Aluminium SWA-BB Distance coupling Aluminium

Nominal torque from 15 to 450 Nm

Length up to 4000 mm, for diameters from 6 to 54 mm

Made from high quality aluminium

Line shaft SWC

With one or two attached couplings

High misalignment compensation

High-tech execution in CFK

Line shaft SWE

Completely in stainless steel

Easy mounting

Very low mass moment of inertia

Line shaft SWS

Nominal torque from 15 to 450 Nm

Length up to 4000 mm, for diameter from 6 to 54 mm

Steel version