Spring bar couplings

The spring bar coupling, also known as slotted coupling or all-metal coupling, is a torsionally rigid compensating coupling, which ensures angularly correct power transmission. The one-piece design of this torsionally rigid shaft coupling, not only provides unconditional stability at highest speeds and a low mass moment of inertia, but also enables maximum torsional stiffness during dynamic load changes. By means of the slotted structure, this torsion and backlash-free coupling can compensate for radial, axial and lateral misalignment.

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Torque up to 240 Nm

Shaft diameter from 10 to 80 mm

Speed from 3500 to 10000 rpm

Torque from 220 Nm

Shaft diameter from 25 to 80 mm

Speed from 3500 to 8000 rpm