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HA-CO is the leading expert producing telescopic slides and offers you both standard products and individual solutions for all areas of application. See for yourself!

As a major supplier of telescopic slides and drawer pull-outs on the market, HA-CO provides an extensive range of stocks for industrial, trade, and private use. With our large variety and number of telescopic slides, pull-out slides, drawer pull-outs, and heavy-duty pull-outs, you benefit not only from a large selection but also from a short delivery time and low prices. Besides, our in-house workshop enables us to respond to special customer demands and offer the needed solutions. We focus on individual approach and excellent customer service. Contact us today for technical advice.
Whether for your camper, industrial machine, or a block of drawers,  we always have what you need thanks to our immense variety of telescopic and pull-out slides of different sizes, kinds, and materials. Send your request today and get the right solution in no time.

Implementation areas of the telescopic rails and pull-out rails

Telescopic rails and pull-out rails are utilized in different ways in the fields of industry and trade as well as for private needs. They represent functional assemblies for pull-out systems and drawer systems for almost an unlimited number of applications. Telescopic slides have full and partial extension, and the right type and design must be selected considering the area of ​​usage. Heavy-duty versions (heavy-duty rails) are often implemented in heavy equipment, in industry, in vehicle construction, and also in a rear extension. Telescopic rails or extension rails of this kind perfectly suit equipment construction, sheet metal construction, peripheral assemblies in plant construction, etc.

Difference between full extension and partial extension

Partial extension rails comprise 2 rail pieces and can be extended by up to 75% of the closed length. Full extensions, on the contrary, include 3 rail elements and can be extended 100%. Owing to the longer extension, full extension rails provide better, easier access.

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Sheet Metal Telescopic Rails
  • Load capacities up to 2'700 N per pair
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Various designs and options
Stainless Steel Telescopic Rails
  • Partial and full extension slides
  • Incl. locking devices, retentions, ...
  • Load per rail pair up to 3'500 N
Aluminium Telescopic Rails
  • Partial-extension and full-extension
  • Corrosion resistant, light rails
  • Load per rail pair up to 3'000 N
Telescopic slides with locking device
  • Full extension slides in various sizes
  • With inside and outside locking
  • Load per rail pair up to 2'720 N

Drawer extension as heavy duty rail available from us