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HA-CO Press in's for the production of highly stressable threads

Self Clinching Fasteners

Do you also have problems while cutting threads in thin-walled sheets?
With the help of our press-in fasteners the problem is solved. HA-CO press-in fasteners are designed as thread carriers and are used to produce a highly loadable thread in thin materials. By pressing it into a flowable material, the material is forced into a special undercut in the area of the bore and thus fixed. The torsional strength is guaranteed by an interlocking or special profile.

With the HA-CO Self Clinching Fasteners and wide range of products you will allways find the right fastener for your application.

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Here you can get an overview:

Self clinching fasteners in different types and dimension from M2 up to M12

Self Clinching fasteners from HA-CO are able to offer you the possibilitie to get a thread also in thin sheets starting with 0,5mm. No matter if self clinching nuts, self clinching studs or self clinching stand offs in different materials, there is a wide range of possibilities